Yesterday I got the dreaded phone call from pre-school.  My youngest had had a squirty bum accident and needed picking up.  OK, it wasn’t exactly a disaster – it was a mere 20 minutes before I was due to collect him, however, it did mean that I needed to keep him at home for 48 hours just in case he passed any lurgy onto his cronies.

Needless to say that the squirty bum was an isolated incident, and my son let me know he was absolutely fine through the medium of obnoxiousness and noise.  It also happened to occur on my busiest week of the Christmas period.  Sigh.  Tie-dyeing it seems has been temporarily replaced with a marathon of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

I actually quite like Ben and Holly, but I have to admit that I am a tad sick of seeing the same 2 series over and over again, however Mr TDF unlocked a vault of new episodes last night (or at least showed me how to use the Firestick), so the 8 hour marathon which lies ahead (Hellloooo Worst Parent of the Year committee!) will be full of never before seen episodes!  Huzzah!

Of course, that would be too easy wouldn’t it? It took half an hour to console him over the fact that he wasn’t going to school today.  He then insisted on showing me his ‘snowballs’  *ahem*  and yes, they are what you think they are, and no, I have no idea where he learnt it from.  Once we had covered that subject we moved onto this delightful conversation…

Small thing – Mummy?  Where your willy?
Me – I don’t have a willy, I’m a woman.
ST – My willy?
Me – Yes, you have a willy. It’s called a penis.
ST – Indy’s willy? (the dog)
Me – No, Indy doesn’t have a willy.  She’s a girl too.
ST – Yes she does!
Me – No she doesn’t.
ST – Yes she does!  Look! *points at her tail*

*sigh*.  It’s going to be a long day.