Dear Mrs Ash and Mr Lucas,

Tomorrow I will hand my 4 year old daughter over to you as her reception teachers.  She struggles with her emotions and is super sensitive, but she is a wonderful girl.  She will give the impression that she is in her own little world, but she takes every little detail in.  Please encourage her to be sociable, but understand that she really does like to be by herself a lot of time – reading, and having some peace and quiet.  Give her books to read and she will be thrilled, let her look at the snails and stick insects and she will be fascinated, show her the playdoh or paint and she will be expressive.  If she is feeling emotional, please hug her, or at the least hold her hand, she needs to know that you are on her side and to feel reassured.  Over time, as a bond forms she will grow to trust you, possibly even idolise you. Please look after her, help her grow, and encourage her to be her best, her happiest possible self.

Dear Mrs Caine,

Tomorrow my baby boy will walk into your preschool full of expectation.  Good luck.