Today I am having my first tattoo.  It’s not on a whim, in fact, the opposite is true.  It has been a year coming. I’ve always been a piercings girl.  Easy. You get something pierced, then you take it out when you have had enough.  Temporary is fine, but tattoos have been at the back of my mind for some time.  Until last February I was a train driver, and according to their policy visible tattoos, piercings and unnaturally coloured hair were not allowed (though I know many people who didn’t bother with that policy).  When I finally finished, I was able to start expressing myself again.  It started with piercings, then an unusual haircut, followed by dyeing it an array of colours.  I enjoyed feeling like myself again.

So a tattoo.  My husband admitted that he never thought I would never do it, and it’s easy to see why – I always said that I wasn’t going to get one, but as this year has progressed, it seemed like a perfect expression of ME.  So what to have?  I wanted it to be a nod to so many things in my life – my kids, my husband, my loves, and my creativity.  I decided to go with feathers.  The most common association with feathers in tattooing is freedom. Perfect.  I am going to have two.  Similar, but not the same, one for each child.  Feathers are also a link to my husband.  He has a beautiful tattoo on his back which he had done after our wedding, and it is of two birds. The placement is going to be a nod to Dave Grohl, a hugely important icon in my life, so I will have the tattoos on my forearms, where he has his feathers. Finally, colour and creativity.  I am having peacock feathers, for their beautiful vibrant colours. I want them to be seen, and to be proud of what they represent.

You’re probably wondering why I decided to write a blog about this.  Loads of people get tattoos every day, in fact, it’s probably becoming very common, right? Well, how else was I going to let my Mum know that I was having a tattoo! #wimp