It’s before the arse crack of dawn.  Smallest is usually up by now, but not today.  Today he sleeps!  Maybe it was the fact that he was up in the night.  Maybe his little tummy was fuller than usual from last nights tea.  Maybe he ran around more yesterday.  Maybe his moons aligned.  Who knows, but he was most definitely asleep.

Mr TDF and I however woke at 5.30. *sigh* On a Saturday.  After half an hour dicking about on our phones, we knew that the magical sunshine would have come up in small things bedroom.  Anyone who has tried a Gro Clock with their kid will know all about this.  Essentially you put the moon and stars face on whilst they are asleep, and you set the sunshine face to appear at some ungodly hour in the morning that is definitely not an acceptable waking time, however you have to work with your toddlers’ parameters which are a hell of a lot different to your own.  Anyway, I digress.  So it was now 6am, and still no sound.  What was he doing in there?  Plotting to take over the world?  Reading quietly to himself? Sleeping? Was he even in there?

At 6.10 a door opened, but not his.  It was my very confused daughter, who usually wakes at a much more socially acceptable time.  We pulled her into our bed and snuggled, but it was clear that she had woken too early, and she soon shuffled back off to bed. More dicking about on our phones.  What was going on?  If we didn’t have a child invasion soon we were going to have to *gasp* make conversation.  Or *double gulp* have sex, and that is what got us into this situation in the first place. <winky face>

At 6.45 we finally heard the thud of small things cast hitting his bedroom floor and his delighted gasp and “ooh!” when he noticed the sunshine on his clock.  Phew!  We jumped up and greeted him with cuddles and praise, and brought him into our bed for a snuggle. He was very pleased with himself and we both had to get up again so he could show us the sunshine.  Well done small thing!

I shouldn’t imagine this irregularity will be repeated anytime soon, but it was definitely note-worthy.  So what is worse than toddlers who wake up early?  Parents who do.