Such a busy couple of weeks!

My husband Al works in a primary school, so as it was the Easter holidays we made the most of it by going on two camping trips, the second of which was at a completely empty field in Oxford next to a fabulous cafe called The Milk Shed which sold *amazing* food and incredible homemade ice cream (I can completely recommend the hazelnut!)

Around this family time, I had to get ready for the start of the fair season.  When I started To Dye For, it wasn’t really my aim to be holding stalls at craft fairs, however, it seems like a good way to get my product seen, so I have been working like mad, building up my in-stock products so I have lots to show (and hopefully sell) at craft fairs over the Summer.

I held my first table on Sunday at Stockport Train station, making the most of Richard Branson’s Pop Up Shops Scheme.   It wasn’t as busy as I would have hoped, but I still sold some lovely tie-dye and gained lots of interest from the hurried travellers.  This Saturday I will be at St. Albans Church in Offerton, and the following Saturday at The Centrepoint in Bramhall.  I hope to see some of you there.