I told Mr TDF that I’d take the kids to school this morning.  It was the harvest festival assembly and I wanted to bag myself a good seat, but then it dawned on me – Foo Fighter’s pre-sale tickets went on sale at 9 am. I felt panicked about the moral dilemma I now faced. The kids had been practising their songs for weeks, but I’d not seen Foo Fighters live since 2015 (in Sunderland, and then a couple of days later in Manchester).  I knew I’d have a much better chance of bagging the tickets if I was at home using the broadband, and I’d heard the kids murder Harvest Moon every day for the past week.  We named our firstborn after Dave Grohl, so surely they would understand how important this would be, right?

My daughter wandered bleary-eyed into the kitchen still half asleep.  “Is it the harvest assembly today? Are you going to come to watch us?”  “yes, of course, I will!”  *nervous laugh*

I prepared myself as well as I could.  Downloaded the app, charged up my phone, registered an account, gave my bank details over to the internet gods and memorised the pre-sale code.  Once at school, I bagged myself a front row seat, positioned my phone in my bag and from 8.59 repeatedly hit refresh.

It wasn’t happening.  For 10 minutes I was getting nothing, and then all of a sudden I was in!  But where were the presale tickets?  I clicked on every link I could find, double checked my pre-sale code, and even tried for London tickets instead, but nothing.  They had obviously already gone.  The kids were starting to file in, and I knew my time was limited.  I quickly checked Google and Twitter to see if there were any pre-sale issues, but as my daughter walked in, I resigned myself to missing out and beamed a regretful smile out to my eldest who promptly plonked her bottom down out of my view. *sigh*  My son followed shortly after only to sit as physically far away from me as possible.  Great.  I’d missed out on Foo’s tickets to watch my kids in the harvest assembly and I couldn’t even bloody see them.

Trying not to give the stink eye to the pint-sized infants, I scooted from one side of the hall to the other and unceremoniously plonked myself on the floor 2 metres away from my son.  I wasn’t going to let the morning be a complete write-off.

The harvest festival assembly was a good distraction with highlights of ‘One Man Went To Mow” and of course “Harvest Mooooooooon”. As soon as the kids had filed out of the hall, I was back on my phone fruitlessly trying once again to get tickets.  I walked home feeling sad.  I’ve never lost out on pre-sales before, and though I would get another chance on Friday morning to get tickets it still stung. 

I got home and turned my laptop to see if anyone on social media had mentioned how quickly they had sold.  On the off chance, I also went onto the ticket website and lo and behold they were still available!

Once safely checked out I breathed out a sigh of relief – it appears I could have it all!