I’m having the most bizarre month.  This time 3 weeks ago I was employed as a train driver.  Now, I am a professional hippy.  Well, kind of.  I’ve

started my own tie-dyeing and custom dyeing online business, based in Manchester, but not that you are really going to know that.  I plan on staying hidden away in my workshop (ok, dining room), or behind my laptop encouraging the fine people of the internet to get on my colourful bandwagon.

I’m looking forward to building a company around my 2 smalls, and my fantastic husband.  I’m hoping that working around their lives will provide more balance in my life, and ditching shift work will be a bonus too, though if I could get my smallest to give up 5 am starts it would be even better.

So I’m starting small.  A couple of days a week tie-dyeing baby grows, vests, muslin squares, tee shirts.  I’m hoping to add bedding, yarn and bags to my repertoire too, but until I’ve experimented, I’ll stick to what I know.

Let the tie-dye revolution begin!