We got home from France on Sunday, and despite working festivals all Summer with me, Mr TDF returned to school on Monday, which left me with a newly potty trained 3 year old boy “WEE WEE COMING MUMMY!!!!” and a very precious 4 year old daughter “Don’t TOUCH me!  I want to be left ALONE”.  This status quo is only temporary though as in a few days my eldest will be starting reception, and my youngest will be starting half days at nursery, which made it all the more important to have a super fun week to remember, right?


Monday was fine.  I gave the kids job titles, and we did very important things (shopping in Aldi) very quickly (“whoever sits down in their car seat first is the winner!”) I even managed to avoid the £1 rides in Stockport town centre by saying we needed to zoom past them like Lightening McQueen.  Not that I ever put any money in those damn things, but I usually compensate for my stinginess by letting them sit in them for 5 minutes making driving noises.  It’ll encourage their imagination.  *ahem*

Yesterday was a different kettle of fish though.  The kids were overtired, and I had some custom work to dye.  Not a good combination at the best of times, but the peace soon descended into chaos, but there was little I could do about it as I was up to my elbows in dye.  When the screaming got too much I went upstairs to find my son sat on my daughters head.  It was decided that work could wait.  Everyone was hot, bothered and crotchety, and everything turned into an argument.  A scooter/bike ride around the block just about finished me off with my youngest scooting out of sight, and my eldest declaring that she couldn’t ride down the slope from the pavement to the road because it was “too scary”,  I was glad to return to find Mr TDF home. As preschoolers tempers rose towards bedtime, so did mine, and at 6.40, so very close to losing my shit, I declared myself out and shut myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes until their bedtime.

Today started well, but apparently, all good things must come to an end so this afternoon I admitted defeat and came to soft play.  Busy children, a wifi connection and an hour wondering if the child I can hear screaming at another child is mine (I’m assuming not) and I feel a bit refreshed.

There are only two more days of this super fun week left, and I’m hoping to have cracked this parenting lark by the end of them.  OK, maybe not by the end of this week, but definitely by the time they are 18…