I’ve always claimed to never really be a fan of ice dyeing.  This is without trying it.  Yeah, I know, don’t write something off until you’ve tried it.  So just as I like my kids to at least try their food before they flat out refuse to eat it, I thought I’d give ice dyeing a go.

On the face of it, it seemed a lot less work, and certainly less messy.  I soaked some long sleeve tee shirts, a couple of muslins and a Little Lamb bamboo nappy in soda ash, dried them and tied them up (!)  I sprinkled some dry dye on the top, and covered it with a good amount of ice.  I also did a long sleeve tee with some frozen dye ice cubes to see how the effects differed. So far so easy.

Then you have to wait.  You have to wait and wait and wait.  The ice needs to melt completely which took about 12 god damn hours.  It then has to sit in the ‘muck’ for at least another 24 hours.  Without being disturbed.  This is harder than it sounds.  My obvious choice would have been in the utility room, but the vibrations from the washing machine would have disturbed the muck and mixed it up.  The dining table was out because of not wanting to move the tub for mealtimes.  The floor was a no go because well, 2 small kids and 2 dogs are just a recipe for disaster, so the kitchen worktop it was, with strict instructions to not. put. ANYTHING. near. the. tub.  Our kitchen doesn’t have a lot of worktop space anyway, so this 2 day installation was not overly appreciated.

When it was washout time, I was impressed.  It’s always difficult to judge your tie dye before it’s completely washed out, but it looked impressive.  Into the washing machine then *waits impatiently for another few hours*

The result is lovely!  The ice creates much more depth in the clothes, and the colours blend into each other creating a really trippy effect.  My daughter claimed one of them straight away, and it was barely dry before she pulled it over her head.  The experimental dye cubes also worked out well and created a really subtle but cool effect.  It is definitely something that I am going to be doing again soon, in fact I already have 3 more nappies tied up and ready to go, and I have ordered some bed sheets for my daughter as I think it will create some really nice effects.  I’m also excited to try it out on some hoodies for a different take on the ones I already have in stock.  Give me a shout if there is anything else you would like to see it on, and I can custom dye some up for you.  For now, the few things that are left will be in my shop.