It’s International babywearing week!  Hooray!

We at TDF HQ are massive advocates for babywearing, and the journey has taken us in many directions over the last 3 and a half years.

When my biggest small thing was born she cried.  A lot.  Like all the time a lot.  Unfortunately her arrival clashed with us getting the keys to our new home which needed to be completely renovated, so as I started to strip wallpaper, rip out fitted wardrobes, organised damp proof courses, electricians, plasterers, decorators…the lot, I was also getting  to grips with breastfeeding, nappies and reworking my life around a tiny newborn human being.  Not the calmest period of our lives! When smallest was 6 weeks old, I bought my first sling – a close caboo carrier.  It was incredible!  My daughter was happy (ok, that could be stretching it!), and I had both hands free to boss round tradesmen, and in time unpack all our worldly goods that had travelled over from Wales.  My love affair with babywearing had begun.

From the caboo, I moved onto Rose and Rebellion, then I dabbled with Tula.  Becoming wrap curious I bought an Ellevil, but deciding I preferred buckles I bought a Madame GooGoo (MGG).  Missing the wrap, I bought a MGG half buckle, and then we were lucky enough to win two wraps – an Owrapel and a Pollora.  We added to our collection a much coveted Firespiral ring sling, converted by Geeky Sweetheart, another longed for wrap – a Firespiral Aurora Vortex, and then our latest purchase a few months ago was having that wrap converted into a massive preschool full buckle, once again using MGG.  There is probably one or two I haven’t mentioned, but it’s fair to say it has been a journey of delights.

It’s a journey that has also brought me close to new friends.  Some I only see once a month or less, but we all get together with our babies and slings at the High Peak sling meet, chat about anything and everything, and then feast on a chippy lunch.  Another friend I have grown very close to is Ellie.  I met her through Stockport Sling Libary as the founder and librarian, and now she is successfully fledging in her new consultancy business Stockport Slings.

Our slinging journey means so much to Mr TDF and I.  There is nothing nicer than having a baby, toddler, or preschooler snuggle into you, being able to reach around and tickle their gorgeous chubby feet, hear them chatting in your ear about their day, or feeling their weight, heavy against you as they fall asleep.  It is something that I encourage every new parent to try, but beware…it’s addictive!