On the phone to the passport office ….

P.O – We can’t process your application because you put your maiden name in where your married name should be”.

Me – No, that’s correct, I kept my surname, I am just informing you so that my new passport says Mrs and not Miss Lindley.

P.O – I’m not sure we can do that.

Me – But you must be able to? It matters when I book a holiday so it is in the correct name.

P.O – You’ll just have to book your holidays under Miss.

Me – No. No I won’t. There must be a way of changing the title from Miss to Mrs.

P.O – I don’t think there is. Unless you want to change your surname to Humphreys.

Me – But my surname is Lindley, not Humphreys. I married a Humphreys, but kept my surname, so my married name is MRS Louise Alison Lindley. OK?

P.O – So you just want your new passport to be the same as your old one?


‪#‎internationalwomansday‬ Bloody feminists. Coming down here, stealing our jobs, keeping their own surnames…