Recently I have joined an online of the community of fellow work at home mum’s (WAHM’s), and have been bowled over by their friendliness, creativity and generosity. It’s also introduced me to a product that I desperately needed in my life.

A bra.  Ok, I have a drawer full of bras.  But what I really needed was a bra that fitted, and didn’t make me want to weep with relief every time I removed it.

Now, I’m a big girl.  Fat (Jess Baker, would be proud of me for using the F word).  I also have big boobs, but the main problem with bra shopping is the band size.  It never even occurred to me to look for someone to actually get some material and sew one that fitted. *lightbulb moment*

I asked in the WAHM community who made underwear and got several suggestions.  After much drooling over lovely underwear, I decided on Kirsty at Billy Bums. I had noticed that she had recently started a website, and falling in love with her rainbow undies, I bought a set.  Kirsty suggested that she sent two sizes, and I just returned the one that didn’t fit, which was incredibly kind and trusting of her, and this morning, I tried them on.

Wow.  The comfort was incredible.  It did all the things that bras should do (contain, lift, push), but it fit!  It’s also made in completely kick ass full rainbow fabric, which is going to cheer me up on even the rainiest of days. It was reasonably priced, and it felt good to be supporting another hard working WAHM.

Go and check them out, you won’t regret it.  Clothes don’t have to come from big chain stores, and boobs don’t have to be contained in ill-fitting uncomfortable bras!