Life has been hectic since my kids started at school.  My son is doing mornings at preschool, and my daughter has just started reception which means that effectively I am a yo-yo back and forth to the school each day.  This leaves me with very little time to work at a time that I am trying to really focus on my business.  I can often get an hour done before the kids have breakfast, and I work every evening, but those 2 and half hours each day where I am childfree are valuable! Which is why I have started to take my work to the gym with me.  Ok, it gets me some very, very strange looks, and sparks up some interesting conversation (“Can I ask what you are doing?” “Tying some fabric to dye” “Oh I thought you were making Halloween outfits” “ha!” “Could you make Halloween outfits?” “tie dye ones?” “Oh is that what you’re doing?” “yeah” *awkward silence*), but it means that work I would be doing sat in front of the telly at home can be slightly more productive!

Anyway, I’ve been working on some very exciting new things!  Firstly I opened an Etsy storefront to run alongside my website shop which has been fun to do, but it’s my new product lines which I am most excited about.

Firstly I have opened my own online custom dyed fabric shop.  I will be having small runs of in-stock hand-dyed fabrics, and also the chance for you to have your fabric dyed exactly the way you want it.  Working with clothing is fun, but working with lengths of fabric feels like a blank canvas, and I am really enjoying being creative.

Circle dress - Magenta and Jade

Circle dress – Magenta and Jade

Next, I have found a supplier of some completely bad ass swing dresses.  Swirly, circle, 50’s style, breastfeeding friendly and completely gorgeous, I am now selling these for custom dyeing at only £40.00 each.  A customer bought one as her Christmas dress, but to be honest I would wear these all year round.  Go and check them out!

nebula harems

nebula harems

From the sublime to the comfortable (ok, mixing the two together) I am now dyeing harem pants.  These baggy trousers are incredible on the comfort scale, and they are so much fun to dye.  They go up to a size 26, so I’ve done a pair for myself with miss match legs.  I’m in love.  For the shopper looking for something more comfortable, I have onesies.  Oh yes!  I’ve been asked to do these so many times, but it’s taken until now to find the time.  They are available in both kids and adult sizes, though if you buy one for the whole family you may get mistaken for the telly tubbies (though completely awesome tie-dye


So that is what I have spent the last few months doing.  Go and check it out and let me know what you think!  You never know, it could be your order I am taking to the gym with me next time.