My First Sale!

I had a great day yesterday.  I started rinsing out all the tie-dye at 6.45am (I kid you not) and was so pleased that mostly everything turned out exactly as planned, bar a bit of rainbow contamination aided by a toddler.

I think the bedspread worked out especially well, and I’m looking forward to taking it camping with us this Summer if it doesn’t sell!
I’m also pleased with the revamped 3 year old muslin squares.  They were looking a bit sorry for themselves, as they are used as comforters during sleeping, and have been chewed to death, but they look as good as new now.  I’ll just ignore the fact that my daughter asked for her plain yellow one last night…

…and onto the most exciting news…

…I made my first sale!  I sold two of my lovely bags today and collected my first shiny £10 note (which I promptly ripped).  It feels like a bit of milestone.

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