So I *may* have decided to try to save money on our visit to France by booking a midnight ferry using the least convenient ports.  This clearly was a good idea a week or so before, but having driven back from Leeds overnight, having had little sleep for the past two weeks I was starting to see the flaws in my plan.

It’s ok, we had 6 hours until we needed to leave, plenty of time to sleep yes?  No.  I sent Mr TDF to bed and decided to do 3 loads of washing, unloading the cars and scrubbing the mud off the stall frame.  I eventually crawled into bed at 10.15, where I had 45 glorious minutes of sleep before Mr TDF accidentally woke me up.  An hour later stocked up with 24 cans of Coke, and 24 cans of Red Bull we hit the road again for a monster drive to France, via the scenic route – Dover to Dunkirk.  Dunkirk is the furthest port in France you could use to travel to my parent’s house, and Dover is the furthest port away from our home.  F&*k.

The UK drive was ok, and I volunteered to drive the first stint of the 7 hour drive on the other side of the channel starting at 1 am.  Feeling slightly delirious, the road started mocking me.  First, it gave me thick fog.  Then came the roadworks taking me onto the opposite side of the motorway, driving stomach-churningly close to lorries driving the other way with their full beam lights dazzling me.  A motorway tunnel closure was next, and I had to navigate my way around a diversion with hairpin bends.  HAIRPIN BENDS!!!!! The next fun thing was a trip through a town centre before getting back on the motorway again for more fog fun. Four and a bit hours into the drive I admitted defeat and not so gently shook Mr TDF awake to take over.

It was amazing to see the kids when we arrived, but I can assure you, crawling into bed was incredible.  We spent 5 days having fun in the sun, drinking and snoozing before making another overnight drive back to Manchester, where my Duracell bunny baby managed to stay awake until 1am!  You can imagine how delightful he was during the journey. *sigh*  I don’t think I’ll ever learn!