If you’re anything like me you get a number of unwanted calls on your mobile phone every day.  The main culprits are PPI and ‘have you had an accident in the last 3 years’ type calls.  We used to get them on our landline too, but as the only people who called it were my Gran and undesirables (Mum, if you are reading this please note that I listed them as two separate entities), we decided to have the line cut off. That didn’t solve the mobile problem though, and cutting that off is not an option.

For the fourth time today, as I picked up my phone to one of these undesirables, I had a flash of inspiration.  As he was chatting away about my frozen pension (or something), I put my 2 year old son on the phone.  Au fait with the technology, he spoke straight away “Harrow!” And proceed to talk gibberish to him, until they eventually hung up.  Persistent as ever, the same number flashed up on my phone again straight away, but my small thing was ready for him.  “Harrow Daddy!  Harrow Gwampa!” and then “Mummy….Gone!  Awl gone!”  It seemed the caller had got the hint.

I try to be a kind person, and am usually very polite to these callers, always remembering to say thank you for calling, but please don’t again.  I’ve even done cold calling as a job when I was a teenager and attempted to sell photography packages over the phone, but I’m afraid today was not their day.

And really, what could be cuter than a 2 year old practising his speaking down the phone.  That would certainly brighten my day up.  So cold callers beware!  In future you could find yourself in a very awkward conversation with my toddler claiming you are his Daddy.