I don’t often want a bath, I’m a shower woman, but maybe 3 or 4 times a year the urge to run a deep bath, and climb in with a good book overtakes me.

I was at home with both of the kids.  My son was being a rat and trying his hardest to wind his sister up, who was taking the bait.  With the knowledge that I’m already out of the running to win a Mother of the Year award I set one child up in our bed watching Ben and Holly on the Hudl (or the Fuddle as my daughter calls it), and the other in her bunk bed with the iPad, watching the same Youtube Ben and Holly compilation.  Sigh.  Yes, sharing a tablet in this house is but a dream.

IMG_0772 (1)Willing the water to run quickly, I slapped some Love Lettuce on my face, threw in a bath bomb, climbed in and breathed a sigh of relief. The kids were occupied, they weren’t trying to kill each other, I was actually relaxing, and dicking about with my phone in the delicious silence.  Silently congratulating myself what was quite frankly a genius idea, I decided to be responsible, and bellowed out to the kids, asking if they were ok.

Bad move.  My daughter obviously hadn’t realised that I had left her side and appeared at the side of the bath.  Searching for an excuse, I desperately encouraged her to retreat to her bedroom, but it was futile.  With mind-boggling speed (you should see how long she drags this task out when we actually ask her), she was naked and swinging a leg over the side of the bath.  Hearing the commotion, my toddler wasn’t long appearing at the door to see what he was missing. He too started disrobing, whipping off his (thankfully only wet) nappy, and joined us.

With a sigh, I threw a towel over my phone and book, knowing that IMG_0774relaxing was not on the cards.  What followed was a lush half hour of foam beards and hair, splashing, slippery cuddles and laughs.  Ok, so it wasn’t quite what I had imagined, but it was fun!  The time will come one day when they will be too embarrassed to climb in the bath with me, so I will cherish these moments, and store them away in the memory bank.  Who needs time to relax anyway?