I was asked by my friend Ellie if we fancied taking the kids to see The Rockin Rhinos. A bit of research later and I was really excited about the idea of live music for kids, though I didn’t know quite what to expect.

At the age of 13 my first gig was seeing Green Day at Manchester Apollo.  I was hooked.  Live bands to come over the next few years included Blur, The Offspring, The Bloodhound Gang (more than once), Korn (with Limp Bizkit supporting), Soulfly, Reef, Ozzfest ’98.  There were loads, and it’s safe to say that my incredibly crap memory can’t remember them all.  I was obsessed with live music.  It was ace.  I started hanging out with a group of fellow reprobates from the year above in school and we used to geek out over punk and rock music, hang out in Piccadilly Gardens (long before it turned into Piccadilly gardens as it is known today)  and illegally blag our way into Jilly’s Rock World, a club that opened at 9am and closed at 6am.  Sigh.  The good old days!  Anyway, I digress, it was such an important part of my growing up, and I wanted the kids to experience it too.

Firstly, my youngest (2) was a last minute cut to the line up.  Not because of his age, but because he had completely ruined his parents the previous day with his….well, just being two.  We jumped at my parents offer of having him for the day, and moseyed on down to Manchester Met students union with just a 3 year old in tow.

It was bonkers crazy.  I’m glad I don’t dabble in drugs anymore because there were what seemed like millions of under 5’s, all legging it around a dance floor at top speed to anything from Tiger Feet, to The Love Cats and Blur’s Woo Hoo.  I went to the bar.  We were going to need booze to get us through this. The were also table cloths and a load of felt tips which kept Mr TDF out of trouble for an hour or so until The Rockin’ Rhinos came on.

The kids were in awe.  There was a fabulous mix of covers, rocked up nursery rhymes, and a particularly inspired version of The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop renamed Blitzkrieg Count (As John Cooper Cat explained, they had to get some educational content in there somewhere, or else they would never get booked).  A particular highlight for me was the seasonal Monster Mash.  They should move this from seasonal to permanent as it was great.  I reckon they could replace Eye of the Tiger with something else though 😉 The kids rocked until they dropped, literally.  We could’t get small thing to even stand up, and she just flopped around with her two friends, staring in wonderment at the band. Most of the kids peaked around 3.45, and in a stark reversal to the start of the show, it ended with the parents dancing, and the kids looking around dazed.

Without a doubt we will be attending the December show, and I urge any of you with small things to do the same.  It was fun, energetic, entertaining, and they served beer, so even the parents could get on board.

Please do check them out.