I’ve just finished my last festival of the Summer, and only one more big one booked for this year.  It feels good to be slowing down, and it’s going to give me the opportunity to think about things, putting some new ideas into action, and research potential festivals for next year.

It’s also the start of the next chapter for my daughter who starts pre-school on Thursday.  She has been going to nursery since she was 10 months old, but that ended in July, and these last few weeks have been spent with just the two of us.  It’s been (mostly) wonderful.  We have gone swimming, done puzzles together, play dohed our hearts out, snuggled on the sofa, read books, lunched out, and generally basked in each others company. She was only 16 months old when her brother was born, and I often feel like I missed out on special one on one time with her.  She’s a sparky, emotionally led girl (much like myself), who is confident, strong, caring and has a beautiful heart.  I know that she will thrive in pre-school, and I’ll look forward to discovering how it will help and encourage her to develop those wonderful traits.