Sssh! Don’t tell anyone but…

I’m sat by myself.  Well, with the two TDF dogs, but essentially just me.  The youngest small is in nursery, the eldest at preschool, and Mr TDF at work.

After a bonkers night with the smallest (up 6 times in 2 and a half hours), and a normal busy morning walking the dogs, breakfasting, pouring kids into clean clothes and attempted hair brushing, I dropped everyone off and drove to the gym where I kicked my own arse for an hour and a half, came home and…….


*happy sigh*

It’s the Macmillan coffee morning, and I had bought some cake from my son’s nursery which I leisurely ate…in my own time…sat on the sofa, rather than stood in the utility room to avoid sharing.

I have another 45 minutes before I need to leave to pick up my daughter from preschool, and I think I might just spend it here.  In silence.  Doing nothing.

…but don’t tell anyone.

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