Last week was mostly taken up by Foo Fighters.  On Sunday afternoon, my longtime friend and fellow Foo’s lover Tequila came over and on Monday we travelled 2 and a half hours up to Sunderland to see them play.  I first saw them play in 1998, and between the two of us we have seen them 20+ times.  It’s fair to say that I am a fangirl, ok, a slightly obsessive fangirl.

IMG_1935In 2011, a few weeks pregnant with my daughter, I got to the front barrier of a Foo Fighters gig with 80,000 people crushing behind me, and it did nothing to put out my fire for Mr Dave Grohl.  It seemed like the natural choice to my boyfriend (now husband) and I to give our daughter the middle name of Grohl, even if it did make others raise eyebrows.

So last Monday, waiting to get into the concert I felt anticipation, and nerves that I wouldn’t get to the front barrier again.  We did, and it was amazing.  When I went to see them again in Manchester on Wednesday, the expectation was even higher, but we did it.  MyIMG_1868 husband, my best friend and myself, squished tightly against the metal barrier, feeling the weight of thousands (50,000) of people trying to take our place.  It was a special gig.  Least of all because we knew what was coming so had placed ourselves perfectly between the main stage, and the revolving stage on the walkway.

So what could possibly top that?  Tequila being handed a beaten up drumstick that had just been used by Taylor Hawkins?  Yeah, that was pretty good.  What was better?  That she turned to me and said “it’s yours”.  Cue:  tears.  It takes a true friend to know that a drumstick from one of the biggest rock bands of today could mean more to someone else than it would to yourself.

Tequila has since told me that it is in trust with me until my daughter is old enough to realise its importance (other than it’s Dave Grohl’s friends’ drumstick), but that’s ok.  It will always be there, as a symbol of my appreciation of Foo Fighters, as a memory of a wonderful gig, but most of all as a reminder that my best friend was selfless enough to give away this token in order to make my day, month, year.