I’m currently reading Jes Baker‘s Things No One Will Tell  Fat Girls.  She describes it as a handbook for unapologetic living, and from what I have read so far it is fantastic.  A real game changer.  Jes is an advocate for changing perceptions about weight, embracing body positivity and making mental wellness a priority. She want’s to change the world by getting you to love your body.  Who can argue with that?

In among the inspirational anti body-shaming chapters, Jes sets challenges encouraging you to do things that ‘experts’ have decided that fat people shouldn’t do.  The message being that you can and deserve to do what makes you happy, including living.


*If anything, you would think that fat people would be THE BEST at cannonballing.  It’s pure science, isn’t it? More surface area = bigger splash.  I can only assume that fat people are not supposed to cannonball for fear of flooding the entire town they live in, but I don’t believe it. So, I very selfishly put the safety of a million people at risk while I tested this theory.  And guess what?  Fat people can safely cannonball!  No need to pull out the emergency kits and rafts just yet.  I jumped ten more times just for the hell of it.  Still no flood, just more fun.  Though I do need to work on my cannonball face…it’s far too serious.
Your challenge: Do a cannonball yourself! Suit up (or do it nude for extra points), and just try and flood your town.  I dare you.

Ok.  Challenge set. I can do this.  But maybe I shouldn’t do this at my local leisure centre.  After all, anyone who grew up in the UK knows the pool rules – and No Cannonballing is one of them.  As I’d very much like to keep my membership, I decided to find another location.

Now, my wonderful husband, Mr TDF had booked us a spa day to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  So romantic!  And a perfect cannonballing opportunity.  So what if we got thrown out?  *ahem*

Without explaining the reason behind it, I handed Mr TDF my phone, and asked him to photograph me cannonballing. I made a hell of a splash!  Jes would have been proud!  The other spa patrons were less so, but in British tradition, no one commented on the fat girl cannonballing into a swimming pool.  It was fun!  I’ve not done it for probably about 20 years. Mr TDF and I pondered about the CCTV, and if we were going to get chucked out.  We ultimately decided that if we were asked to leave, it would have been worth it.

*Taken from Jes Baker’s Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls