Christmas eve – excitement, cinema trip, lunch out, kids bickering.

Christmas day – excitement, family, food, wine, too many presents, kids bickering.

Boxing day – Cleaning for in-laws visit, cooking, family, food, wine, kids short-circuiting and becoming emotional wrecks, drinks with neighbours.

27th – Nephew’s 2nd birthday party, overtired parents, overtired kids (bickering), telly, early night.

Then  today.  All the signs of festive activity are still rife, but the shine has come off somewhat.  I wake up feeling rough with the start of a cold, but it’s too late to cancel my body pump class, so I struggle through as much as I can.  The house is an absolute tip, but that can be ignored.  The kids are going mental at each other, with us, with themselves.  Youngest has a full-on kicking and screaming tantrum in Aldi and I just move him to the side of an aisle and walk away.  Mr TDF and I have words over crumpets – “Can you pick up some crumpets?” “One pack or two?” “DOES IT MATTER?  JUST GET SOME CRUMPETS!” Youngest’s tantrum escalates in the car.  Feeling close to the edge of my sanity I ship him off to my Mum and Dad’s for the afternoon.  Eat lunch in silence, with sympathetic glances thrown at each other. Ordered to go back to bed and nap.  Mr TDF goes to watch Manchester United (probably) lose (again). Endless games of snakes and ladders with eldest (who doesn’t understand the concept). Then to top things off Daddy Pig gives away all my secrets. “I’m going to make green by mixing yellow and blue”. The narrator repeats “You can make green by mixing yellow and blue”.  eldest turns to me, narrows her eyes and asks accusingly “Is that how YOU make green, Mummy?”

Sigh.  Is it bedtime yet?