Firstly, Happy Fathers Day to you if you are indeed a father.

Secondly, Happy Fathers Day to my own father.  Probably should have put that first.  I’m not sure he reads this shit anyway.  Maybe I should put him last, just to see if he does.  My Mum probably gives him the edited version.  Anyway.  If it wasn’t for you (and Mum, but you’ve had your day, so move aside), I wouldn’t be here today, procrastinating about all the productive things I could be doing.

Thirdly, Mr TDF.  Daddy to our two rather spirited toddlers.  He has always been all kinds of awesome, but he really came into his own when he became a Daddy for the first time.  He is what could be described as a modern man, doing his fair share of everything that needs doing and still has enough energy and patience to pull it out of the bag to entertain the kids.

They absolutely adore him, and quite rightly too.  He is a selfless man, with a massive heart, and good morals.  He is fun to be around, and give the best hugs, tells the best bedtime stories (in Welsh), and always picks out something cool and tie-dyed for them to wear.

Happy Fathers day Mr TDF, you are a flipping champ.