I know it would have been more topical to post a Mother’s Day blog on Mother’s Day, but hey.

I really don’t need a specific day to be thankful for my Mum.  She earns that right every single day.  This woman not only did the hard graft of bringing me and my brother up, but we have also put her through her paces as adults too.  The thing is, she always rises to the challenge.  She is always there to pick me up.  In some of my darkest days she has been there, either in person or on the end of the phone, being my own personal cheerleader, my friend.  She is understanding of all my bonkers ideas, and supportive of my choices.  She pours me wine when I am sad (and happy), and she is a level head to my own less-than-level one.  As a grandparent, she has grown superpowers.  With 4 grandchildren under 4, she thrives, and is as comfortable looking after the youngest (4 months) as she is with the eldest, and often juggles them in multiple. She’s a star, and I really don’t know what I would do without her.

As for my own children, they (and my husband) gave me a lovely day.  My eldest had already told me days earlier that she had made some fudge in nursery as a surprise, and my youngest gave me lots of snotty cuddles, and a salt dough candle holder.  We had a lovely quiet day, and it made me very thankful for what I have.

So many of my friends do not have their Mum (or their Dad) with them, and I can’t imagine how hard every day is, let alone specific days, anniversaries, birthdays.  Virtual hugs and gin to you all.  You’re all amazing.

For myself, I’m going to keep being thankful for what I have and try my hardest not to take things for granted.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mummy’s out there.