Ok, I’ll hold my hands up.  I’m better at making lists of potential blogging subjects, and blogging in my own head rather than getting the words down on here.  If you were tuned into radio Loo’s Brain, you would get far more regular updates, but you would also have to filter out the brain melt coming from living with a two and a three year old.  It’s probably for the best anyway…

So do I do a massive (not so super) blog about out Summer, or many mini blogs (most of which I wont get round to writing anyway)?  I’m going to go with mini because my 3 year old has gone ominously quiet in the back room and I don’t trust she isn’t plotting world domination.


Set up and ready to exploit child working laws


It’s all too much for some little rockers


Getting by with a little help from my friends

Ok, I’m going to jump right ahead (back?) to the Summer bank holiday weekend.  I was trading at The Big Tribute Festival in Aberystwyth.  I had been really keen to trade there as I went to university in Aber, and subsequently lived in Machynlleth just up the road for the following 9 years, and I love the area.  What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I was going to love the festival.

I had worked like a very hard working dog on the week leading up to the Big Trib, and we set off on the morning at 5.30am, so by the time we arrived 3 hours later, I was tired and frazzled, and let’s face it, a bit grumpy.  Not the best for putting up a bell tent, a big gazebo and a stall up with my husband (I swear that setting up a tent should be renamed ‘the marriage wrecker’) and very ‘helpful’ kids, but we got it ready.

The following 3 days were a rush of customers, catching up with friends and one particularly drunken evening (thanks Tequila!).  It was so much fun.  We sold out of hoodies again and ran low on most other stock, so it was great from a business point of view, but aside from all that it was a superbly organised weekend down to every little detail, fabulously child-friendly, and super fun.  I really would recommend it to families for next year, and I really hope that I will be back there sat in my gazebo, but maybe with more hoodies next time!

So yeah.  Go and check it out.  The Big Tribute Festival.