<Eating cheese on toast at lunch time>

Pre-schooler – I don’t like cheeseon.

Me – You don’t like the cheese?

Pre-schooler: No, this bit.

Me – The toast?

Pre-schooler – No, the cheeseon

Me – You don’t like the cheese on top of the toast?

Pre-schooler – *clearly annoyed with me*  NO.  The cheeseon.

Me – It’s just toast, with cheese on top.  Melted under the grill.  You love cheese *pointing* and you love toast *pointing*.  I don’t understand what is the matter.

Pre-schooler – This bit!!!  The cheeseon.

Me – There is no such thing as cheeseon!  That is cheese.  Melted on top of toast.

Pre-schooler – I have a tummy ache.

<end of lunch time.  Extra cheese on toast for me>