It was my biggest small’s 3rd birthday on Thursday and she demanded cake as any self-respecting birthday girl would, however, I stupidly thought that the cake we ate when her grandparents visited the weekend before, plus the cake we had to take to nursery the following day would be enough.  Cue – 8 am trip to Saino’s to buy ingredients for what would possibly be my finest baking moment to date.

I found this recipe on Sunday Baking, and 12 packs of Smarties and 3 packs of chocolate fingers later, I had what I can only describe as a tie-dyed cake!

Cool huh?
It was a really easy recipe to follow and only confused me when at the end I misread ‘tie a bow around the cake’ for ‘take a bow around the cake’.  Well, I was proud of it, but taking a bow seemed a bit self-congratulatory…

This weekend we are taking a family break to Ribby Hall in Lancashire to celebrate 3 years of surviving children, but on our way home on Monday, I am taking a detour via Chorley industrial park, and assuming that in itself doesn’t tip everyone over the edge with excitement, surely the industrial amounts of dyes, soda ash and urea will, right?  Next week I am experimenting with tote bags and bedding. I’m excited, even if no one else is!