It’s been a tough month or two in the TDF household.  The medication for my depression has had to be adjusted a couple of times, and as my doctor so bluntly put it in a post meningitis appointment “you had a virus on the lining of your brain.  Of course, you’re going to be struggling”.  Sigh.  Daily naps are still a necessity, headaches scare the hell out of me, and life just seems a bit tougher.

Of course it’s also the season to be ill, and whereas I have on the whole managed to fend off the snots, my poor son has had a month of ill, my husband has a severe case of man flu, and my daughter, well, my daughter is a hypochondriac *fake cough*.  The dogs obviously felt left out of this sick-in, and one has racked up £400 in vet bills, whilst the other is being treated for a dodgy tum.

‘Tis also the month of bills for us.  House insurance.  Car insurance. MOT. Car tax.  So this morning, outside the vets, after just paying another eye wateringly expensive bill, the car refused to start.  An hour and a half sat in a freezing cold car later, and a visit from the lovely RAC who told me my battery was fecked, as was my alternator.

*sob* I keep telling myself that it’s ok to not be ok, but not being ok is also rather shite.

After an afternoon of feeling very sorry for myself and scoffing copious amounts of medicinal cheese and horseradish on toast, I am ready to pick myself up again.  I have lots to look forward to in the coming months.  My wonderful parents are taking us on holiday at Easter, I have become super organised with work, I have a fabulous new punky haircut, my children are being delightful (when they are not trying to kill each other), and I’m hopeful that I’m about to get a good few bookings for festival season (if any organisers are reading this, then *friendly wave*).  Life is not bad.  It just sometimes needs a bit of tweaking.

Lot’s of virtual hugs and gin to anyone who might need it, and promises that the next blog will be full of smiles.