You know when you listen to an album, and it is just your version of perfection?  Wasting Light by Foo Fighters is that for me.

It’s an album that evokes memories and reminds me of certain people. It’s the album they toured when I managed to get to the front row (out of 80,000 people) accompanied by one of my best friends and my husband (then boyfriend). It is the album that I sang and cried every word to on my drive to Bronglais hospital for an early scan with my daughter when a previous scan showed no heartbeat, and the album I subsequently listened to whilst in labour with her 7 months later.  I listened to it on repeat whilst pounding the streets for hours with my her during a very dark period in my life, wiping the tears away from both our cheeks.  I have imagined screaming the words out to people who have hurt me, and minutes later heard a song that made me feel so completely uplifted and positive that things will improve.  It’s the album that I chose to go on my playlist when I was in labour with my son but never listened to, preferring the sound of (relative) silence instead.

It’s been a tough weekend in the To Dye For household with illness, sadness and stress, so when I was tie-dying this morning, it was the album I wanted to unwind to.  It never fails to take me on this emotional journey, ultimately making me feel happy and content.

So, yeah, go and listen to it if that’s your thing, and if it’s not, then put your own perfect album on, and let it take you away to that place only a perfect album can.