I’ve always been in awe of Jengle Tie Dye, an awesome artist, who crafts an awesome ‘geode’ design, so I thought I’d flex my tie dye muscles and give it a go. My project was a king size duvet set which was to be a present for my husband.  Six hours of tying later, with incredibly cramped hands it was time to add some dye. I usually favour liquid dyeing to ice dyeing, so I’m not sure why I decided to use ice for this, but I did. Once the ice and dye was on, it needed leaving for it all to melt naturally, and then I batched it for an additional 24 hours.  Yesterday morning at 5.50am, I crept out of bed, and stood in the freezing cold utility room, with the dogs for company, I started to painstakingly remove every single rubber band. Three hours later, I finished.  

Something was becoming obvious though.  It just wasn’t what I expected.  It’s always hard to tell what tie dye is going to look like until it’s been washed properly though, so I patiently waited for the machine to finish, but what I pulled out looked insipid, and certainly nothing like the geode design I had lusted after.  In a hurry to go out, I put the duvet cover on a radiator to dry and carried on with my day.  When I told my Mum about it later, she said that at least it wasn’t done as a job for anyone, but it was.  It was done for my husband and I to enjoy.  I wanted to give him a present that he knew how much time, effort and love had gone into, and quite frankly, I was disappointed.

The bedding remained on the radiator until this morning, when I decided to iron it so I could look at it properly.  I was surprised to find that there were some really beautiful geodes, and certain parts of it looked great.  The most disappointing bit was the yellow.  The ice had diluted it so much that it looked so pale – not ‘me’ at all.

What I didn’t expect was the flip side of the duvet.  I hadn’t taken the time to tie the underneath into individual circles, so I had just knotted it up.  The underneath was the section of the duvet that would sit in the muck (what we call the melted ice and dye), and was had happened was awesome.  The colours were vibrant and they contrasted with each other violently.

I put it on our bed straight away, and I’m blown away.  From what was such a disappointment, I am so incredibly pleased with the end result.  So things might not have gone as expected, but like most things in life, it worked out in the end!

If you are interested in buying some bedding, please have a look in the custom dyed section of my website, or get in touch via my contact page.