What a busy few weeks!

Last Wednesday I applied to be a trader at Boltfest, a tribute festival in Bolton, and my feet haven’t touched the ground since. Wednesday night was a flurry of dyeing everything I had in stock and ordering more, Thursday was washing out and sourcing gazebo’s and clothes rails and then Friday came.  Friday was the day I was waiting for a delivery of 55 tee shirts…that needed to be washed, soaked, tied, dyed, batched and washed out all by Saturday at 8am when I needed to leave.  At 2pm they eventually turned up, and I called my Mum over for help!  We tied and dyed solidly until 6pm, and then it was a waiting game until wash out time.  Throughout the night I hand rinsed and machine washed the tee’s, put the heater on full blast, and at 5.45am I started ironing.  3 hours later, I was in a soggy field in Bolton putting a gazebo up!

Was it all worthwhile?  YES!  The stall looked great, and by 12 o clock the site was filling up with like-minded rockers up for a day of live music and beer.  My family turned up, and the sun shone all day.  I was busy enough, but still had plenty of time to spend with the kids.  Loads of lovely people checking out the stall, and the most asked question being where did I buy my clothes in from.  I dye them myself, on my kitchen table of course!  No pre-dyed items are sold at To Dye For!

It was a great day, and I feel all fired up about doing more festivals, but this week I am going to take a few days off because my fantabulous (yes, I made up a word) friend Tequila has come to visit, and today we are going up to Sunderland to rock out to Foo Fighters, something which will be repeated again on Wednesday in Manchester with the addition of my Mr TDF.  Have a good week!