It’s ok!  I’ve not fallen off the face of the Earth, I am still here, but my blogging silence is down to the To Dye For sweatshop having been in full swing.

Since late February I have been slogging away, building my stock for the forthcoming festival season, and with each new booking, the workload gets heavier.  I am getting up at 5, and more or less working through until bedtime and the worst bit?  I don’t get paid for any of it until I sell something.  *sob*  Would I change things though?  Not for a second.

So over the past few months, I have dyed about 1200 items, and yesterday, with crippled hands and a sense of achievement, I finished.  My next 2 weeks will be filled with festival prep, the boring bits like sign making and list compiling, and then we are off!

I have 9 festivals booked in.  Boltfest is first up, and it’s FREE!  You do have to register for your free tickets though, so get on it.  This was my first trading festival, and it was so much fun.  The following weekend brings Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham.  We are then going straight over to the Isle of White to set up for the aptly named Isle of White Festival where we will be for about a week before doing a midnight flit (the 1 am ferry was £46 vs the £160 for earlier ones!) back up to the North West to drop Mr TDF off at school feeling I’m sure like he still had a train driver for a wife rather than a professional hippy.

Any restocking that needs doing will be done over the next few weeks ready for RockPrest, from the same people that brought you Boltfest, DeerShed Festival quickly followed by Y Not Festival. I then get nearly two weeks to stock up for the final push of 3 weekends on the trot, first at WV1 Fest, a very recently booked V Festival (at Weston Park, Staffordshire), and finally Leeds Festival.


I can’t express how excited (or nervous) I am about the summer ahead of us.  For the majority of the festivals, I will have the family with me in the bell tent.  The small people are going to be age 3 and 4, so a bit too young to remember anything, but what a fantastic experience for them!  I’m not sure they will see it that way, what with the lack of electricity, tv, iPads etc, but bring it on!

So if you don’t hear from me much over the next few months, that is where I will be.  If you are at any of these festivals, then please, please come to say hello!  It’s always nice to see a friendly face.