It’s been a while.  Apologies.  I’m crap (and very busy)

So, since I blogged last, I have been busy with plenty of custom orders. My pants (snarf) are proving to be very popular!  I’ve also experimented with a new tying technique with some exciting (for me) results.

I’ve loved doing some custom dyed muslin squares, matching rainbow tee shirts for a whole family, and also some personal projects, dying bunting and a windbreaker for our family camping trips.

I’ve done my first boxer shorts, made my first upside down rainbow mistake, dyed some canvas shoes, and managed to turn a disaster rainbow tee shirt into something quite lovely!

I’ve also ordered a gazzilion flyers in the hope that I can persuade some lovely people to dole them out for me, business cards, and a little special something which I will save for my next blog post 😉

My biggest surprise?  Well, when I left the railway after a 13 year career, I honestly didn’t think I would be working at a train station 6 weeks later, however Richard Branson, and the lovely people at Virgin Trains are taking a chance on small businesses, and letting us set up pop up shops at their stations!  The lady who runs the scheme at Stockport contacted me yesterday to see if I would like to have a stall this Sunday.  It’s a fabulous opportunity, and i’m really looking forward to showing my goods off to people in person.  So I have a busy week ahead, sorting things out, and making sure I have enough stock to keep the commuters of Stockport happy.

Wish me luck!