“Mummy, can you play dominoes with me?”
“In a minute.  I’m just doing some work.”

Today, like a lot of people was my first day back at work after a Christmas break.  Of course, I’ve done bits and bobs over the past couple of weeks, but today was the day I was to get fired up and enthusiastic again.  My 3 year old had different ideas.

Some of my work (the chemical and permanent dye bit) has to be done away from the kids, but a lot of the figures/social media/web based side can be done with the laptop on my knee.  Unfortunately, me staring at a laptop is no fun for the two preschoolers in the house.

We have just spent the weekend at Ribby Hall in Lancashire with my parents, and we had some good quality family time.  Part of that was because of the lack of technology.  My laptop was left at home, my phone had little reception and no wifi, and there were lots of things to do.  We played games, coloured in, went swimming, and after the kids had gone to bed, we sat around the table, drinking wine and chatting.  It was fun!

Of course all good things come to an end, and our arrival home today reminded me that work had to be done.  But when my daughter tried for the third time to get my attention by asking me to join in her game, how could I refuse.

I put the laptop down, and we had a game of dominoes.  Me explaining the rules, her making up new ones, it brought a smile to both our faces.  We then had a run around the house for some exercise (that makes my house sound A LOT bigger than it actually is!) and snuggled up on the sofa to read a story before tea.  It meant the world to her to be doing those things, and to be having one on one time with me that can’t be had through a laptop screen.

Of course there will be times when I need to work, but my pledge is that if I am asked by one of my kids to put down the laptop or phone, if it’s not urgent, then I will.  Not in a minute, not making excuses, but put it down and make my kids happy.